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Green Earthling Eco Clubs bring the love of nature to your Worcestershire school! We offer exciting after-school clubs, engaging programs for half-term or school holidays, and even fun lunchtime activities – all designed to be inclusive for children of all abilities.

Nurturing a love of nature

We offer a variety of engaging programs designed to bring the wonders of the natural world directly to your school.

Flexible Options to Fit Your School:

  • After-school Adventures: Extend the learning day with exciting nature-based activities that complement classroom curriculum. Let curious minds explore, discover, and learn all about nature and sustainability.
  • School Holiday Exploration: Keep children engaged and exploring during breaks! Our themed programs for half-term or school holidays offer a fun and educational alternative to childcare, filled with outdoor adventures and environmental discovery.
  • Lunchtime Nature: Transform lunch breaks into an opportunity for learning and fun! We provide nature-focused games, lessons, and activities that will make lunchtime the highlight of the day.
  • We believe every child deserves the chance to connect with nature. Our eco club programs are designed to be inclusive and adaptable, catering to children of all abilities
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