My first wedding fair

On the 17th September, I attended my first ever wedding fair as an exhibitor. I remember being so nervous, I was shaking like a leaf while I was setting up my table and looking around, checking out what the other exhibitors offered.

On the 17th September, I attended my first ever wedding fair as an exhibitor. I remember being so nervous, I was shaking like a leaf while I was setting up my table and looking around, checking out what the other exhibitors offered. 

The fair was held at the really lovely and the most sustainable venue I have come across locally – Rock Village hall in rural Worcestershire. 

Sustainable Weddings

I didn’t really know what to expect! I had a lot of doubts, doubting myself and also my offering to plan only sustainable weddings. In my head, yes, sustainable weddings are a thing and yes, they are achievable. I know I can make them happen. But will others believe me?

Well, Emma did! The lovely Emma volunteers for the hall and she organised the fair.  I received the biggest and first confidence boost of the day from her. She couldn’t have been more complimentary about my offerings and I could tell that she was rooting for me. That was such an awesome feeling!  

No plastic flowers!

At 11am, the doors opened and lots of engaged couples started to arrive. To my horror (you probably think it’s a harsh word to use here, but I honestly was horrified) to watch the young and beautiful couples being attracted to the other wedding organisers. The ones who displayed the biggest plastic flower arch creation that I have ever seen, the ones who were giving away plastic goodie bags and the caterer who couldn’t look more shocked when I asked if she had any plant based products. 

Really?? Is this really the best that the wedding industry can offer,  I was wondering.

Changing the mindset

It took a while but then people started to stop by my table and I had some really engaging and promising conversations with them. There were young couples in their 20s, there were people in their 30s, there were couples with children and older mum and dads.  Everyone I spoke to agreed that changes must happen within the wedding industry and that everyone can have a beautiful wedding without creating unnecessary waste. I mean where is that huge plastic flower creation going to end up eventually? Perhaps here? I hope you are not being offended, that’s not what I am trying to do. I am just trying to change people’s mindset and to encourage people to rent and not buy, use local, natural products that are delicate and stunning. Produce less waste yet still create a beautiful, memorable and sustainable wedding. 

The flowers

Believe it or not, there was another beautiful business present on the day. A business which supplied my flowers, a business which I was lucky enough to look around and get to know the owner of. Camomile & Cornflowers grows their naturally beautiful, British flowers only a few minutes from where I live and they only supply flowers in season. They don’t use pesticides or even lighting or heating in their polytunnels. Kathryn, the owner, couldn’t have been lovelier and more supportive (second major confidence boost of the day!) and I am so happy to have found this business. 

This is a kind of business that I want to work with and a business that I would be proud to be associated with.  Do you still think that it’s impossible to have a “green” wedding? I hope not!

How about if I told you that I found a local winery which makes sustainable wine? Or a local business which makes biodegradable flower petals? 

It’s possible and these “good” businesses are out there to be found.

What's next for Green Earthlings?

Anyway, back to the wedding fair. It was a fantastic experience for me, I learnt a lot and I spoke a lot!  I thank everyone who stopped by and was curious to ask questions and challenge me. I secretly think I nailed it.

However, I am nervous again. I am already preparing for my second wedding fair in a week’s time and this is going to be a big one. I am just super excited that the organisers can see the need for my business to be displayed amongst the “big guns”, just like the lovely Emma did at Rock.

So, my search for the eco mad, engaged love birds continues…


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